Feedback from Pupils (P5 – P7)…

“It helped me remember lots and it helped me to think a lot harder”


“I loved it, it has improved my memory lots. Mr Heron was super-funny and I will never forget. It was amazing”


“It was really cool how we couldn’t remember the list and within 5 minutes we knew it off by heart. I don’t think you need to change anything because it was awesome”

“I loved the workshop! He was funny and energetic. I can’t wait to have him as one of my teachers in High School! Recommended definitely!”


“I liked that my memory improved”


“I loved it because it helps me to remember lots and also the guy was funny”


“He is really funny and I learned a lot of stuff. It’s a day to remember”


“I loved all of it, it was so fascinating. Every second was worth it! Please come again”


“I liked it when we made up stories…like the policeman jumping around stopping the traffic on a space hopper”


“I think it helped me learn more about learning ‘how to remember’ strategies”


“I liked the workshop because it was very funny and cheerful”

“I liked how it improved my remembering”


“I think that the technique will help me to remember lots of things. I will use that technique more”


“I am awesome”


“I liked it because I have trouble remembering and I understood it quite easily”


“I liked how energetic the teacher was”

“I really liked it, it helped a lot and it’s perfect”



“I loved the way you made us laugh, you are very hyperactive…I really enjoyed it please come back another time”

“(I liked) that it was funny and will help me lots because it’s helped me improve my memory”


“I liked every part of it but my favourite part was when we had to remember names”


“Mr Heron was very funny. I did not dislike anything at all and I loved this session”


“Everything you say I get. You are very funny and now I can remember lots of stuff. Thank you.


“I liked learning, I liked developing my memory, I liked the funny jokes, I thought it was awesome”


“I thought it was funny and silly at the same time but because I listened I will be smart now”


“I liked that you were funny – go on Britain’s Got Talent”



“I loved naming the people – learning secret letter codes”


“I liked the workshop. I liked when he said, “oooh, there’s Justin Bieber, I’m in love” it was funny”

“I loved it because you act child friendly and funny”


“the workshop helped me”


“I liked learning new things and trying to remember lots of stuff”


“I thought it was funny and I liked the pictures to remember, like the marshmallow shark”


“I liked the workshop because he made it funny and fun, it had a lot of activities so it was fun”

“It was nice to learn”

“It was an amazing day, I enjoyed myself”



A small sample of feedback from three teachers of P5 – P7 pupils…


Do you believe the pupils benefited from the RE-MIND workshop in some way?

Teacher 1: Yes – developed their memory by linking pictures

Teacher 2: Yes. I feel they connected their learning.

Teacher 3: Yes. It made them think.


How could the RE-MIND workshop help your pupils with their learning?

Teacher 1: Help them to make links and connections across learning to help them remember.

Teacher 2: Help them to find systems to retain their learning and understand how easy it can be.

Teacher 3: With a variety of areas across the curriculum


Was the RE-MIND workshop appropriate to age and stage of the pupils?

Teacher 1: Yes – very engaged.  Speaking was very entertaining and engaging.

Teacher 2: Yes, they coped well with the activities.

Teacher 3: Yes.


Do you feel able to build upon what the pupils have learned from the RE-MIND workshop today?

Teacher 1: Yes – Will try!!!

Teacher 2: I would like to especially in numeracy and literacy.

Teacher 3: Yes.  I could use it in a variety of ways.  Particularly in spelling it could be very useful.


Would you find a teacher training session advantageous?

Teacher 1: Yes – this would be useful.

Teacher 2: Yes I would.  I think it would be useful.

Teacher 3: Absolutely! I think teachers would find it beneficial.


Would you be happy to recommend the RE-MIND workshop to other teachers looking to improve learning in their school?

Teacher 1: Absolutely.

Teacher 2: Yes I would as it allowed the pupils to see that they can retain information and also work out systems for themselves to help in their learning.

Teacher 3: Yes.


Please use the space below to add any other comments or suggestions.

Teacher 1: Thank you very much.  This was a super session, very engaging and very useful.  The pupils enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

Teacher 2: I found it very interesting and hope to build on the knowledge given.

Teacher 3: A really worthwhile and interesting workshop.  The children really enjoyed it – as did the teacher.