" I've seen people do amazing things in my profession but that... that's just incredible " - Barry Cryer OBE

Derek Heron - The Absolute Professional

A Wealth of Experience

Derek has been astounding audiences across the world for over 30 years. Derek delivers impeccable professionalism to meet the demanding needs of the corporate events market. He understands the expectations of a modern audience and provides a fresh and fun approach to his performance.

Derek has a wealth of experience performing at product launches and high profile PR events as well as weddings and birthday parties.

Whatever the event Derek Heron will provide an exceptional performance perfectly tailored to suit the event

"Ooh! That's good..." - Derren Brown, Channel 4

Derek Heron - A Diverse and Talanted Entertainer

Corporate Entertainment

Mind Reader

Derek genuinely uses an array of psychological tools and tricks to get right inside the minds of his audience. Combining intuition and guesswork, Derek performs impossible feats that are guaranteed to amaze and astound his audience.

Acts of Mind-reading and premonition, psychological persuasion and influence are brought together to create a cracking show that will captivate the most demanding audience.

Although most of Derek’s clients are from the corporate sector, Derek also performs at celebrity events, dinners, parties and small, intimate gatherings of friends and family.  Whatever the occasion Derek will tailor the evening to suit your needs and is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.



This photograph was taken on 31st October 2017.  Derek appeared on East Coast radio where he successfully read the mind of radio host Damon Gaunt, influenced the thoughts of listeners and accurately predicted the actions of the show’s presenter.
Close-Up Magician
Having a life long passion for performing means that Derek is also an exceptionally talanted close-up magician. Performing miracles before your eyes. This is the perfect walk-about entertainment for hospitality events, product launches, weddings and birthday parties. Derek will add a magical touch that will ensure your guests or clients will have a truly memorable experience.

...And There's More

Magic Consultant

Whenever a media production company needs to add a touch of magic to their production Derek Heron is the person they call. Derek has a vast expereince and knowledge of magic principles and effects.

In this example, Derek created several original effects and taught Bank of Scotland emplyee, Catherine Diamond all of the magic you’ll see. No CGI, no camera tricks – this was real skill.

"I would defy anyone to witness his mind-reading talents in action and not be genuinely impressed - and most likely stunned - by the accuracy of his revelations"
- Dr Tom Christie, Extremis Publications

Client List

Just some…

…of the many clients Derek Heron has had the pleasure of working with and providing entertainment to over the last 30 years. Get in touch if you would like to add your name to this list.


There are many ways to contact Derek,

Phone:  07522 478932
Write:  Derek Heron, 10 Castings Court, Falkirk, FK2 7BA

You can also send a message using the form below.



Derek Heron is a member of Equity.