"I liked it because I have trouble remembering things and I understood it quite easily" - Primary 6 pupil

Re-Mind - Remember For Life

There is one critical aspect of teaching and learning that is missing….Teaching students how to remember.

From an early age we bombard learners with information but at no time do we ever teach students how to remember efficiently or effectively.  

Teaching students memory skills is a cost effective way of improving attainment and empowering young minds.   Having a good memory increases the attention span, improves confidence and encourages positive social interaction. The Re-Mind Workshop delivers simple but powerful memory techniques suitable for young, growing minds.

The workshop provides learners of all ages with a truly portable skill that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  It is an innovative approach to closing the attainment gap and increasing confidence.

Re-Mind workshops are available for Primary, secondary and Further Education students.

John Swinney

"Closing the attainment gap and improving attainment across education in Scotland - in other words the pursuit of equity and excellence - will be the driving purpose of my tenure as Education Secretary"

"I liked the workshop because he made it funny and fun. It had a lot of activities so it was fun" - Primary 6 pupil

The Re-Mind Workshop

Each workshop is specifically tailored for the appropriate age and stage of the students. The workshop runs for approximately 1hr and 15 mins.  Students are encouraged to interact as individuals and in group activities throughout the duration of the workshop.

Core techniques are taught in the first section of the workshop and after a short break the concepts are developed and explored with guided activities


  • 30 min – interactive PowerPoint Presentation teaching the core of the system

  • 10 min – Break

  • 10 min – interactive PowerPoint presentation building on the what has been learned so far.

  • 15 min – Workshop with activity cards that explore the adaptability of the system

  • 10 min – Student feedback & evaluation

Primary School
Pupil Feedback

“It was really cool how we couldn’t remember the list and within 5 minutes we knew it of by heart”

“I think that that technique will help me to remember lots of things I will use that technique more”

“I am awesome”

“I liked the workshop because he made it funny and fun. It had a lot of activities so it was fun”

“It was nice to learn”

“I liked it because it was fun and funny and now I know how to remember things”

“I really liked it, it helped a lot and it’s perfect”

“I liked how energetic the teacher was”

"A really worthwhile and interesting workshop. The children really enjoyed it. As did the teacher" - Primary school teacher, Stirling

Packages Available

The packages that are currently offered are outlined below.  If you have a specific requirement or would like to book multiple workshops please contact us about discounted rates.


The RE-MIND workshop as outlined above delivered to a class of up to 30 Primary (P5 - P7) or Secondary school Students. Each student receives a free pocket-sized 'Re-Minder' card to help them with the core technique after the workshop.

Re-Mind Refresher

A refresher course for P7 pupils that have just made the transition to their first year at secondary school. A confidence boosting workshop that reminds pupils they really do have an incredible memory.

Re-Mind Complete
Students & Staff

The 'Complete' package comprises of the Primary or Secondary Workshop plus an additional tailor-made training session, designed to boost the skills and confidence of teaching and non-teaching staff*. Both sessions are delivered on the same day. The Staff session runs for 45 mins.

*This could contribute to whole school CPD

£50 p.a.

Email support for staff. Answers to questions regarding any aspect of the memory system. Up to 5 support tickets per week during term time only.

Further Education
One to One Tuition

Advanced: An extednded programme of Technicques for Secondary school students
FE: The workshop re-worked to meet the needs of mature students in further education.
One to One: Bespoke individual tuition for those with very specific needs.

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"I liked how energetic the teacher was" - Primary 6 pupil

Derek Heron - Owner/Facilitator

Derek Heron has worked within the education system for 25 yrs.

In the early 1980s Derek was a full-time children’s entertainer and was involved with the creation, development and implementation of Haven Leisure’s children’s club, ‘The Tiger Club’.

Today Derek is an author, a keynote speaker and a corporate entertainer.  He is also a freelance body language analyst for the mainstream media.

Derek has a passion for psychology and in particular memory systems and mnemonics.

Derek is a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.

Derek has £10 Million public liability insurance.



RE-MIND is strategically located in Falkirk, right in the heart of Central Scotland; close to the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth.